• Important Note About the Concurrent Use of Flea and Tick Products

      Heavy infestations and severe environmental infestations may require multiple flea products. To minimize potential toxic effects, care should be taken to avoid using multiple products with the same mechanism of action (e.g., neonicotinoids, such as imidacloprid and dinotefuran, share similar modes of action).

      For your clients who are using a comprehensive approach to eliminate flea infestations, it’s imperative to remind them of the basic steps they need to take to improve the effectiveness and safety of the outcome:

      • Select the best product(s) for the pet and situation.
      • Avoid using multiple products with the same modes of action.
      • Always read the labels carefully.
      • Follow directions exactly.
      • Never use products intended only for dogs on or near cats.
      • If in doubt, be sure to seek professional advice.