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      Supporting the Veterinary Profession

      Hartz® has been lending a hand to veterinary organizations and students
      for decades.
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      The Hartz Ultra Guard Team

      The Hartz® UltraGuard® team has more than 160 years of collective
      experience in veterinary medicine, technology, pharmaceuticals,
      pesticide chemistry, skin and hair care, and nutrition.
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      Hartz Research and Innovation

      Since the 1920s, the Hartz commitment to helping veterinarians and pet owners care for pets is going strong.

      "Our research team is made up of veterinarians, entomologists, engineers, chemists, nutritionists and biochemists — all committed to developing exceptional products that are scientifically based to fulfill unmet needs and better enhance the wellness of pets."

      — Hartz Research & Innovation

      As America's first pet care company, we understand the powerful relationship between veterinarians, pet owners and pets. We've spent decades researching, designing, and delivering exceptional products to support healthier pets.

      • We are committed to providing the latest science to effectively eliminate parasites and prevent them from biting or infesting pets and their surroundings, and reinfesting.

      • We believe in affordable pest prevention for every pet. That's why Hartz® UltraGuard® Flea & Tick products are broadly available.

      • We recommend an integrated and complete approach. Our expertise in flea & tick control ranges from flea & tick drops, shampoos, and collars to in-home sprays, carpet powders, foggers and yard sprays. Treating the whole problem is key to a pest-free environment.

      • We are dedicated to providing veterinarians with the facts and resources you need to help educate your clients so they can make objective decisions about products to protect their pets from parasites and vector-borne disease.

      • We support the veterinary profession on many different fronts, including CE courses at major veterinary conferences, scholarships for veterinary technicians, as well as programs and free materials to help educate pet owners.