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      Hartz routinely reaches out to veterinarians and veterinary specialists for their insights, opinions and expertise.

      Pet Owner Education Tools for your Clinic

      Hartz has many free resources available to help veterinary professionals educate pet owners about the safe use of flea and tick control.

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      The 2011 Hartz Veterinary Catalog includes some of the most popular products for the care and well being of pets.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Pet owners turn to veterinarians with questions about flea and tick control.

      "Clients still need to be educated about how to read product labels carefully, choose the correct product for the level of parasite control they need, and apply products safely and correctly."
      — A Reference Guide to EPA-Approved Spot-On Products

      Today, more than ever, pet owners need to be able to rely on veterinarians for the facts about safety and efficacy of flea and tick control products.

      Veterinarians and veterinary staff play a crucial role in educating your clients about how to select the most appropriate products to protect their pets from fleas and tick and vector-borne disease. In fact, a recent American Animal Hospital Association survey1 found that pet owners value advice from veterinarians above all other sources, no matter where they purchase medications.

      Pet owner awareness of fleas and ticks as vectors of serious disease has increased dramatically during the past two decades. However, this awareness has not yet consistently led to the most effective use of flea and tick control.

      Hartz is committed to providing veterinarians and your staff with free tools and resources to support your efforts as you educate or remind your clients on how to:

      • Read product labels carefully (e.g., dog products are NOT safe for cats)
      • Choose the correct product for the level of flea and tick control they need
      • Apply products safely and correctly
      • Protect their pets year round, with an integrated approach to flea and tick control

      1. Close-Up Look at 2010 Purchasing Behavior, American Animal Hospital Association, DVM Newsmagazine, June 2011.